პარკეტის ლაქი (წყალზე დამზადებული)

  • ადვილად გამოსაყენებელი

  • სწრაფად შრობადი

  • არ ტოვებს ფუნჯის კვალს

  • გამძლეობა

  • გამჭირვალე-აძლევს ხეს თბილ შეფერილობას

  • გამოიყენება როგორც ღია, ასევე მუქ ხეზე.

  • 5 ლიტრიანი შეფუთვით


 პარკეტის ლაქი (წყალზე დამზადებული)

  • ფართო მოხმარების

  • საცხოვრებელი და კომერციული ადგილებისთვის

  • გათვლილია იატაკისთვის, კიბისთვის.

  • უმაღლესი გამძლეობა.

  • ადვილად გამოსაყენებელი

  • არ ტოვებს ფუნჯის კვალს

OLI-NATURA Yacht & Teak oil

Weather-proof hardwood oil with uv protection for the basic treatment and care of yacht decks, terraces, and garden furniture.

  • 1 litre of natural wood oil for easy application for 12-25 m² wood surface area (varies based on wood)

  • Weather-resistant and water-repellent

  • The oil is drawn deep into the wood and protects it effectively against UV rays, weathering, embrittlement and greying/fading

  • Can be used on hardwood, exotic wood (including bankirai, teak, eucalyptus or robinia), and pressure impregnated softwood

  • Particularly suitable for patios, pool surrounds, garden furniture and yacht decks

OLI-NATURA Project Oil

Deep-acting oil for basic treatment and care of floors, stairs, doors and furniture surfaces made of wood, cork and OSB. For interior in uncoloured or coloured.

  • For all untreated, open-pored oiled and freshly sanded wood species

  • Based on linseed oil – solid-content 60%.

  • It penetrates deeply into the wood and protects it from inside

  • Dirt- and water-repellent - can be partially repaired

  • Deeply intensifying the colour of the wood 

  • In colourless and coloured

  • Efficient: 1-2 coats of 40-50 g/m² each (1 litre is sufficient for 20-25 m² per coat)

OLI-NATURA HS Professional Oil

1k / 2k high solid oil for interior for professional basic treatment of strong durable flooring, parquet, wood and cork flooring. Clear or coloured.

  • Natural oil based on linseed oil, with a high solids content of almost 100%

  • It hardens on the wood, therefore creating a highly resistant, dirt- and water-repellent natural oil surface 

  • Breathable (permeable), antistatic, easy to maintain and easy to repair  

  • Natural feel, ultra matt finish - clear and coloured 

  • Optionally process with OLI-NATURA hardener (MV 10:1) - this accelerates

  • hardening and increases the level of chemical resistance

  • Processing with single disc recommended

  • Very economical: 1 coat of 20-40 g/m² (1 litre is sufficient for 25-50 m²)

  • Can be overpainted with OLI-AQUA TOP 51.20 I 2K parquet sealer on request 


Reactive ageing agents for the environmentally friendly treatment of oakwood indoors.

  • Environmentally friendly aging material for oak

  • For leached, smoked or black smoked effects

  • For roller application machines, spraying and spraying processes

  • Finish treatment with OLI NATURA Oils or OLI-AQUA water lacquers 

OLI-FINISH ხის დამცავი ლაზური

  • 7  სხვადასხვა ფერი

  • გამოიყენება გარე მოხმარებისთვის

  • არ შეიცავს ფუნგიციდებს, შესაბამისად, შეიძლება მისი შიდა გამოყენებაც (ეკოლოგიურად სუფთაა)

  • იცავს ხეს ულტრაიისფერი სხივებისგან

  • იცავს ხეს ნებისმიერ ამინდში

  • არ იქერცლება

  • იცავს ბზარებისგან

  • გამოკვეთს ხის ბუნებრივ ნაკვთებს 

OLI-NATURA Wood Care Wax

For refreshing and maintenance of all natural indoor hardwax oil treated wooden surfaces.

  • Wood care wax with carnauba wax for maintenance and refreshment of all hard wax oil-treated wood and cork floors, stairs and furniture surfaces

  • Forming an easly maintained film and compensates for slight damage

  • Easy to apply with a cotton cloth, a white pad or spray

  • Efficient: 1 litre is sufficient for 50-100 sqm 

  • For a healthy room climate, without preservatives or fragrances, suitable for use on toys

OLI-AQUA CLEAN 15.97 I Basic parquet cleaner

Mild basic cleaner for all waterproof sealed and oiled wood, parquet and cork floors.

  • Basic parquet cleaner for extremely stubborn dirt and care layers

  • For sealed, oiled and hard wax oil treated floors

  • For varnished floors, use undiluted

  • For oiled and hard wax oil treated floors dilute with water (1:1 to 1:3)

OLI-AQUA CARE 15.94 I Parquet wipe care

Regular maintenance cleaning for waterproof sealed wood, parquet and cork floors.

  • For all sealed parquet floors, stairs und furniture made of wood and cork 

  • Provides fast cleanliness, removes reliably dirt and grease

  • With natural soaps - without perfume and preservatives

  • Concentrated cleaning solution (50 ml soap to 10 l water)

  • For stubborn stains, use undiluted

OLI-NATURA Wood soap

Gentle wood soap for all indoor oiled and waxed wood surfaces. It has a pleasant fragrance and ensures quick and cleaning and moisturising, without the wood surface drying out.

  • Gentle wood soap for all indoor oiled and hard waxed oild wood surfaces. It has a pleasant fragrance and ensures quick and cleaning and moisturising, without the wood surface drying out.

  • Concentrated Wood soap (50 ml soap to 10 l water) - 1 l is enough for 15-30 m²

  • For stubborn stains, treat the surface with undiluted Wood soap 

  • Contains no wax and does not form a film

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